Will Zara have a Labor Day sale this September?

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The summer is winding down quickly with the fall coming fast. This year, the last day of summer will be in three weeks — that gets us thinking about warmer fashions and muted color palettes. That gets us thinking about shopping and high up on that list of destinations is Zara. Even though Fall hasn’t officially started – will Zara have a “Labor Day” sale?


Seeing as their Fall/Winter doesn’t begin until usually after the holidays – specifically their Black Friday sale and their big end of season sale starts in late December. Their Spring/Summer sale starts in late June so if you missed that promotion, then you’ll have to wait later in the year for their Fall/Winter sale in December.

Does Zara Hold a Labor Sale Promotion?

So do we have to wait a few months or is there a smaller sale that happens in the meantime — what we aren’t aware of is whether Zara holds a Labor Day Sale? The long weekend is a popular shopping weekend and other fashion retailers, like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Gap, and Bloomingdales, are already all in on holding a sale over the Labor Day weekend, so we imagine that Zara will jump in on the opportunity knowing that shoppers love their store and will be checking to see if they’re running some promotion.

But that’s just a guess — our suggestion is to continually check Zara.com once the weekend nears and if you’re near a location — then stop in. We’ll be doing the same and updating this post when we confirm one way or another.

You’re a savvy shopper (maybe even a Maxxinista), so you’ve been done with Zara’s reasonable retail prices. With numbers and prices dancing in your head, you know it’s worth your while to stop into your closest Zara store (or online) on Friday, September 1st. If you take the chance and Zara is having a Labor Day sale — won’t you be happy you checked in?


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