Zara Black Friday Sale: Will Zara discount 30% off again this year?

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As our previous posts have pointed out, Zara has just two huge blowout sales throughout the year.


Zara’s “first” sale is their Fall/Winter which begins after the holidays in late December throughout January of the following year. If you miss the Fall/Winter promotion, then you’ll have to wait until them middle of the year for their Spring/Summer that starts around mid to late-June.

What we weren’t aware of until recently was whether Zara held a Black Friday sale? If you asked us last year, we would have said “no” but we were then alerted to the fact that, yes Zara does have a Black Friday sale and it’s actually really, really good.

In fact, it was reported that Zara discounted everything 30% for the day last year (in 2014). So, what can we expect this year? A couple sites have already reported that the Spanish fast fashion retailer will take off between 30% and 50% store wide for their 2015 Black Friday sale!

2017 11/24/2017
2016 11/25 2017 30%
2015 11/27 2017 30%
2014 11/28 2017 30%

UPDATE: I opened on my phone and got this splash screen announcing 30% off in the United States on Black Friday:

Zara 30 off black friday sale


You’re a smart shopper, so you’re already well aware that Zara’s regular retail prices are reasonable. With that information in hand and the potential of 50% off retail, it’ll be worth stopping by the closest Zara store (or online) on Friday, Nov 27th and picking up a few things before their bi-annual sale after Christmas.


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