When does Zara’s summer sale start?

June 7, 2015 - Culture

Can you smell the coming reductions in Zara’s already reasonably-priced fast fashions?

Yes, it’s June and if the last two Junes have been any indication another Zara clothing sale is fast coming to a store near you — or online if you’re in Nebraska, Louisiana, Oregon, or the Carolinas.

Take a look at this fancy table I made for the Zara’s summer clothing sale:

Year Promotion Sale Start
2017 Spring/Summer June 22
2016 Spring/Summer June 18
2015 Spring/Summer Jun 19
2014 Spring/Summer Jun 20
2013 Spring/Summer Jun 21

Through a thorough scientific process, research and data crunching, I was able to determine the dates of Zara’s next summer sale.

What are the Dates of Zara’s Summer Sale?

By looking at previous data, I was able to determine the date of the beginning of Zara’s summer sale. Stick with me here: Last year, Zara’s sale started on June 19th. In 2014, it was June 20th and in 2013, they started discounting their clothing on June 21st.

Looks like Zara is changed things up in 2016 as the Spring/Summer sale didn’t begin on June 18th.

Pulling up my trusty laptop calendar and scrolling back to those specific dates, they both fell on a Friday. I don’t want to make crazy predictions or set any expectations, but sounds like Zara’s summer sale will start Friday, June 19th 2015.

Yes, two previous dates does not a pattern make nor are they statistically significant enough to draw a conclusion, but… BUYING CLOTHING ON JUNE 19!

Although I must admit that Zara’s last couple of collections not to my taste and a few items have had quality control problems, I still walked away with satisfied with the time and money spent.

Generally, Zara’s sales run for 6 weeks or so, with the last week of the sale carrying very little inventory. In the past, I’ve found that the somewhere between 3rd and 4th week of the sale is the sweet spot to get in on the markdowns and a good stock of reduced styles.

See you in mid-June!

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