Stand Up MRI: Don’t go to the one in the East Village

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If you’re claustrophobic and need an MRI, the standing MRI is a good option. That said, if you’re expecting more than an MRI report on a CD and a pat on a back, then you shouldn’t get one from the Stand Up MRI in the East Village.

I went to the Stand Up MRI downtown location for two reasons —

  1. It was right around the corner from me
  2. I’m a bit claustrophobic

Getting an MRI there was somewhat painless, but the follow through was atrocious — especially considering the semi-urgency of my injury (did I have a torn ACL or not?). After the scan was finished, Stand Up MRI didn’t give me any direction as to what my next steps should be, just a CD.

I looked at the CD and they told me that I should give that to my doctor.  I had to deliver it myself? They may or may not be sending it to my doctor, they didn’t know. They told me they couldn’t print me out a report or give me a copy. I got all these answers by asking, not from them telling me. If I left it alone, I would have walked out without any answers.

If you get referred to talk to Ryan about your MRI report/films, run away. I simply asked for a copy of my MRI scan and he gave me the runaround about a web portal and how they couldn’t email it to me because of HIPAA and blahblahblah. After four days and three phone calls attempting to get a copy of MY MRI, he finally had enough of me and hung up on me.

(and didn’t try calling back FYI)

Ultimately, I ended up contacting the Stand Up MRI on 77th (Stand Up MRI has multiple locations) and in less than 5 minutes, Iliyana (sp?) was nice enough to have the report and films printed and waiting for me at the location that I had my scan done.

If 77th street was closer, I would have just biked up there so I wouldn’t have had to deal with my location again. You mean, I could have gotten my report and films four days ago?

Stand-Up MRI – East Village
191 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Phone:(212) 674-8300

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