Steph Curry shoots 5-23; worst shooting night in two years

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Steph Curry finally had an off-shooting night in critical game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Curry scored 19 points, but only hit five shots out of 23 attempts, and just a horrendous, J.R. Smith-like 2-15 from three. It just wasn’t something off with his shot, but Curry recognized he was out of rhythm the entire night:

“Shots I normally make I knew as soon as they left my hand I knew they were off. That doesn’t usually happen. I mean, mechanically, I don’t know if there was an explanation. I just didn’t have a rhythm and didn’t find one the whole game.”

If this seems out of the ordinary for Curry — it is, this season’s MVP has had just two games in which he made five field goals or fewer when attempting more than 20. Those two games? The last one happened more than two years ago on Feb. 6, 2013 and the other game happened more than five years ago on Feb. 16, 2010.

“I’m not going to let one game alter my confidence…” said Curry “nothing we can do about tonight, we have to move on.”

As much as Curry has confidence in his shot and has made us believe when he hits tough shot after tough shot, I wouldn’t bet that Curry has another shooting night that he did…. at least for another two years

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