When are the Zara sale dates in 2018 (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter)?

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It’s that time when you begin getting that Zara itch. That’s because it’s been two months since the last major Zara sale ended and you’re already anxious for the next one. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel greedy. You’re not alone whatsoever.

Not by a long shot. Over the last several years, our site has received hundreds of thousands of visitors looking for exactly the same sale information you’re craving and stressing over.

When are the Zara Sale Dates for 2018?

We’ve didn’t become the destination for this information because we were lucky, we too, are obsessed with Zara sales too. In fact, we were so focused on the exact day that Zara starts their sales that we did a lot of research over the last few years successfully pinpointing when the sale would begin. And for the most part, our sales info has been accurate.

Outside of 2016, we’ve been the one source of truth for Zara sales. We looked at when past sales began, paid closer attention to Zara’s website and generally tried to understand Zara’s seasonal patterns.

Nothing has been more tell tale than previous Zara sales. In fact, they’ve been dead giveaways as to when future Zara sales will fall on, when. In the last six years, Zara’s Spring/Summer markdowns have come in June and the company’s Fall/Winter sale comes right after Christmas. Additionally, Zara sales in the United States have quickly followed markdowns in other countries; particularly Europe and Asia.

It’s You, Me, and Zara Sale Date Information

In case you’re wondering, we don’t have access to Zara insiders that are whispering in our ears or a crystal ball predicting fast fashion promotions. How we do this is a data-driven “best guesstimate” to figure out when the exact date is.

Our data is based on when Zara began their sales in 2017, 2016, 2015, and so on. We did a pretty damn good job for a few years then Zara went and played around with the 2016 dates of their Spring/Summer sale. Going into 2018, we’re going estimate the timing by giving you a date range with a likely date the sale will start on.

When are Zara Sales in 2018?
Year Promotion Sale Date
2018 Mid-Season March 15, 2018
2018 Spring/Summer June 21
2018 Labor Day Sale September 2018
2018 Black Friday -November 23
2018 Fall/Winter December 26 2018"

Mid-Season Sale: Unfortunately, Zara is delaying (or not having) their mid-season sale this year. Our prediction was based on last year’s promotion that was announced in the middle of March.. Though local stores are probably telling you no big sales until the summer, we’re still holding out that they’ll have a mid-season / Spring mini-sale sometime in the next few weeks when Spring has spung. Stay tuned!

As far as the Spring/Summer sale is concerned, we’re predicting that the retailer will stick with the third Thursday of June and estimating Thursday, June 21, 2018 as the start of their sale for this year. As always, make sure you come back to this post as the sale date nears as well as check ZARA’s website and social media presence to ensure you have the most updated information. For more caveats, read on…

A Word From the Editor

Over the last few years, we’ve learned that when estimating the big bi-annual sale dates this early on, that it’s safer to publish out a date range so that we cover our bases. We implemented this approach for 2017 when Zara was a lot more secretive with their sales. This is so we don’t enrage any readers that were waiting on a specific date only to hear the Zara sale started three days ago. Can you imagine?

We want to take care of anyone relying on our promotion information for Zara 2018. It’s obviously easier to guess when the 2018 Black Friday sale is going to land on (um, Black Friday), but for the bigger non-holiday sales, we have to be cautious.

All that said, we’ve done this enough now to feel strong and confident about when Zara will hold their sales in the year 2018. We don’t want to come off as cocky, but we’re ahead of other sites in these predictions. And users keep coming back to us because it’s paid off for them in the form of dresses, blouses, t-shirts, and pants had at 75% off. We got your back, the same one that has a-steal-of-a-trendy-jacket covering it.

Mark up your calendars. Start your engines and see you at the next Zara sale sometime in mid-March, late June, around Labor Day, Black Friday, and the day after Christmas. Cheers to 2018.

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  1. avatar
    Todd says:

    Today is March 15. I don’t see anything about a midseason sale on the Zara website. I called the local store and they said no big sales untill summer. Have you heard anything?

        1. avatar
          stuart says:

          If i was a betting person, I would say they are still having it. Stay tuned to this post. Just FYI — most of the employees at local stores don’t know of when the sales are coming down until a few days before (if that).

    1. avatar
      stuart says:

      Hi Aisha — not sure, they may have moved the date or skipping the midseason sale this season. Sorry, since Zara doesn’t release sale dates, we can only estimate them based on last year’s sales. We’ll keep this post updated when we hear anything!

  2. avatar
    Carly says:

    I think the summer sale is coming very soon. I was just at Zara (June 8) and a dress I’ve been watching was originally $69.90 and now it has a $29.90 sticker! Such a bummer they didn’t have my size in store otherwise I would have bought right there! I have about 10 items in my online cart lol!

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