You can still get $20 off on TodayTix tickets with this code

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about TodayTix cutting their referral credit in half, from $20 to $10 when a new user used a promo code to buy tickets through the app.

With the move to $10 referrals after Labor Day, we thought that the company probably had hit enough users (650,000), had a strong enough market share and momentum that they could slow down their aggressive growth strategy.

Thinking about it, it was an expensive promotion; it wasn’t just $20 that went to the new user, but those referring the new users also received $20, so in total it was $40 in lost profit.

Forty dollars per new user was clearly too expensive at this stage of the game for TodayTix — the double-dipped discounts were eating at their revenue and future profit. The company has received three rounds of funding and isn’t yet profitable.

They may have done away with $20 referral codes, but $20 isn’t too expensive for them to acquire new users. The other day I received a mailer from TodayTix promoting $20 off for new users. Feel free to use it:

Discount code for Broadway Tickets

The MAIL20 voucher code is only good on the first purchase and expires December 31, 2015. Of you can also use my BIHLO code for $$$ off (which doesn’t expire!):

TodayTix promo code

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