List of all 40+ sweetgreen’s salads, warm bowls, and seasonal menu items

March 19, 2017 - Food

It’s been ten years since sweetgreen first opened their original location in Washington D.C.. Since then the local and fresh-focused salad chain menu has changed significantly. Always tweaking and experimenting, identifying local offerings for a salad that their fans will be obsessed with. Since seasonal ingredients come and go, sweetgreen changes the menu up to five times a year, all because they let local ingredients speak when they’re at it’s freshest.

We all know about Guacamole Greens and their Harvest Bowl, but did you know about the ‘Wild Child’ or the’Blue Crab’. What about ‘Hozon’ salad that was a collaboration with Momofuku’s David Chang or Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe’ salad? Yes, really.

Yep, the menu changes often — depending on season, location and what’s fresh. Here’s a list of all the salads and grain bowls that have run through sweetgreen’s stores in D.C., New York City, Chicago The Bay Area, and more.

Full List of sweetgreen's Salads and Bowls
Salad/Bowl Name Calories Location Menu
Salad Rad Thai 375 cal Nationwide Main
Salad Guacamole Greens 540 cal Nationwide Main
Salad Spicy Szabi 430 cal Nationwide Main
Bowl Harvest Bowl 685 cal Nationwide Main
Bowl Bon Appétit’s Healthyish 685 cal Nationwide 1/25-2/1/2017
Bowl Portabello Taco Bowl 650 cal Nationwide Winter 2016
Bowl Shroomami 640 cal Nationwide Main
Bowl Pesto Portabello 775 cal Nationwide Main
Salad Kale Caesar 430 cal Nationwide Main
Salad Za’atar Salad Los Angeles Late 2015
Salad OMG Omega 550 cal Nationwide Main
Bowl Winter Waldorf 775 cal Nationwide Winter 2016
Bowl Curry Chickpea 655 cal Winter 2016
Salad Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe 595 cal Spring 2015
Salad Not So Niçoise 545 cal Spring 2016
Bowl Umami Grain Bowl 510 cal Spring 2016
Bowl Bay Bowl 705 cal Bay Area
Salad wastED Salad New York City Summer 2015
Salad Maryland Blue Crab 505 cal D.C. Area
Salad Roasted Salmon and Radish 415 cal Spring 2015
Salad Local Bleu Cheese and Bacon 620 cal Spring 2015
Salad Detox Salad 545 cal Winter 2015
Bowl Portobello, Squash + Wild Rice 455 cal Winter 2015
Bowl Wild Child 545 cal
Bowl Mexican Corn "Elote" Bowl 575 cal
Bowl Sqirl Dinner Bowl 750 cal Los Angeles Oct 2016
Bowl Earth Bowl 785 cal
Bowl Maketto Dinner Bowl 505 cal D.C. Late 2016
Salad AvoCOBBo Salad 705 cal
Bowl Hollywood Bowl 685 cal Los Angeles
Salad Hummus Tahina 610 cal Nationwide
Bowl Hello Portobello 510 cal Los Angeles
Bowl Warm Lentil Bowl n/a Winter 2015
Salad Apples + Butternut Squash n/a Winter 2015
Bowl Bento Bowl 530 cal Winter 2015
Salad Hozon Salad n/a New York City June 2014
Salad Grapefruit + Avocado 490 cal
Bowl Warm Squash + Apple 715 cal
Bowl Curry Cauliflower + Quinoa 595 cal Fall 2014
Bowl Roasted Turkey + Fall Vegetables 405 cal Fall 2014
Bowl One Grain or Another April 2016
Bowl Apples, Pears + Organic Cheddar 425 cal Fall 2014
Salad Thai Cashew Tofu 450 cal Los Angeles Test Menu '17
Salad Vegetable Goddess
Bowl Chicken Taco 785 cal Los Angeles Test Menu '17
Salad Mighty Salad 625 cal New York City July 2016

As you can see from the list above, sweetgreen doesn’t stand still very long. There’s something new evey three or four months. You won’t find the same offerings in Philadephia as you would in Palo Alto (California) mostly due to the local, seasonal ingredients.

On top of that, if you’re lucky enough to live near Culver City, sweetgreen opened a Test Kitchen in that location. This sweetgreen will experiment with menu items like the Thai Cashew Tofu salad (gem lettuce, sesame tofu, portobellos, cabbage, spicy sunflower seeds, cucumbers, cilantro and basil) and Chicken Taco Bowl (arugula, feta, cilantro, tortilla chips, corn, carrots and chickpeas) that aren’t (yet) available anywhere else.

So that’s to say if you like a specific salad or grain bowl from sweetgreen, don’t get too attached to it.

For example, we love the Portobello Taco Bell for its savory flavors (and tortilla chips), but we know that’s it’s on the way out to make room for the Spring menu. Hopefully, in place of that warm bowl will be another favorite — considering sweetgreen’s track record, we’re confident the fresh hits will keep on coming.

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