Sweetgreen launches 2017 fall menu with Curry Cauliflower, Fish Taco bowls

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Sweetgreen wants you to “Fall for these new bowls”. The new fall menu appeared last week across New York City re-introducing the popular Curry Cauliflower from last year. With all the new offerings brings in new seasonal ingredients to make these, fresh exciting combinations.


Some of the Autumn ingredients you’ll find on the menu (depending on where your sweetgreen is) include raisins, pears, black lentils, curry cauliflower, cilantro and even a new dressing called the “cranberry maple” (what? no pumpkin spice?). The new toppings definitely gives us a taste of Thanksgiving early. The fall menu brings the new and old to create the new Fish Taco bowl, Cashew Chicken Bowl, Thai Cashew Tofu, Chicken + Brussels, Apple Pear Cheddar, and Balsalmic + Goat. Here’s all the new salads, grain bowls and their ingredients for the new 2017 seasonal menu:


organic arugula, warm quinoa, raisins, curry-roasted cauliflower, roasted chicken, cilantro, sweetgreen hot sauce, shredded cabbage, cucumber tahini yogurt dressing


organic spinach, warm quinoa, roasted chicken, raw corn, cucumbers, shredded cabbage, basil, spicy sunflower seeds, raisins, fresh lime squeeze, spicy cashew dressing


organic arugula, warm quinoa, shredded cabbage, cilantro, roasted steelhead, tortilla, chips, sweetgreen hot sauce, lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette


organic arugula, organic baby spinach, black lentils, apples, red onions, local goat cheese, walnuts, shredded carrots, basil, balsamic vinaigrette


organic arugula, chopped romaine, cilantro, shredded cabbage, roasted tofu, warm portobello mix, spicy sunflower seeds, fresh lime squeeze, spicy cashew dressing


organic mesclun, chopped romaine, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, cranberry maple dressing


shredded kale, organic mesclun, pears, apples, raw pecans, organic white cheddar, basil, balsamic vinaigrette

With all the new salads and warm grain bowls introduced for the fall menu, this brings their roster of official menu items to 70+ in the company’s 10 year history.

Sweetgreen now has over 70+ locations in the United States and will be opening up another location in Union Square later this month at 101 University Place. Once this new storefront opens, it will be the company’s 19th location in New York City.

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