Goodbye Winter Waldorf, Curry Chickpea and Portabello Taco Bowls

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Did you get the news (email) from sweetgreen today? The one that announced that their 2016 seasonal salads were coming to an end?

Well, if you did or didn’t — here’s basically what they’re saying: three seasonal bowls that were created for the 2016-17 winter menu are at the end of life — specifically, the salads that are going bye bye at the end of March are the Winter Waldorf, Curry Chickpea Bowl and Portabello Taco Bowl. In response to that last bowl going away… nooooooooo!

Don’t worry, there’s still time to get your winter favorites you’ve got a few more weeks to enjoy the curry chickpea and roasted squash bowls.

Well, that doesn’t bode well for my favorite of the three (Taco Bowl) when they don’t call it out in the short message. At least I know the ingredients by heart, because I go there every other day, so I can makeshift one of those hearty, umami packed lettuce-meals when April rolls around.

Make Way For Spring Menu

When a door closes, another opens said someone, somewhere at some point in history — so with these winter salads checking out, sweetgreen is teasing us with some new seasonal Spring salads coming on March 20, 2017 — look for radishes and fingerling potatoes. How many of the Winter Bowls did you try?

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