ClassPass removing “Gym Times” from plans — what’s next?

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If you have a ClassPass plan that included “Gym Time” (or “Gym Visits”) in the plan, then you likely got an email today explaining that they’re removing them.


ClassPass, which is known for gym-sourcing specific classes around yoga, SoulCycle boxing and more started including the ability to use gyms around your area just to work out. Basically, ‘Gym Visits’ allowed plan members 1-2 hours of unstructured use of a gym’s weights, treadmills, etc. vs/ the usual structured classes of pilates or TRX.

The company considered it an “add on” to their plans, but now they’ve changed their tunes and “no longer be offering the additional gym time as a membership add on”

We wanted to reach out about a change to your membership plan. Currently, you are on the Base + Gym plan, and unfortunately, we will no longer be offering the additional gym time as a membership add on. While the gym time addition is going away, the Base plan isn’t, and we’ll be automatically enrolling you in the Base plan for $75/mo. beginning with your next cycle on 4/20/17. We encourage you to use any of your additional gym visits in your plan before then.


The email is vague about the future of the gym offering saying only “Gym time will still be available through ClassPass”. What this means isn’t certain at all. Is it the permanent
removal of Gym Times option entirely? Or is it a restructure of their plans so that you will have to purchase them in the future?

What does this mean for “Gym Times” going forward? This was a great option for a number of reasons (flexibility, try out new gyms, pricing). I’m personally concerned because I cancelled my gym membership when ClassPass started offering the Gym Time option with their plans.

ClassPass definitely has plans for Gym Time — it’ll be interesting to see how this susses out in the next few weeks as members’ cycles begin to renew. I’ve dropped a message to their customer service for clarification and will update this when I receive a response.

UPDATE: ClassPass finally responded and it sounds like they’re getting rid of “GYM TIME” as the cheap option. Instead they’re continuing as regular classes. See their response below:

We’re always evaluating our plan options in each city and ultimately decided that, due to a number of factors, we need to discontinue this option… Gym time (as well as boutique fitness classes) will still be available as a workout option so you can use these bonus classes however you like :)

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