Asian(a) can’t drive

Twitter Monkey

When Asiana flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport back in July, the ignorant Twitter monkeys came out to swipe at the low-hanging fruit.

Patting themselves on the back, they fed each other variations of “Asians can’t drive” jokes. Continue reading “Asian(a) can’t drive”

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Sorry Kate Gosselin, you can’t marry into racial empathy

Kate Gosselin slant eyes twitter

I reserve a special place in my heart for Asians that justify and encourage ignorance by demeaning and clowning themselves by playing up stereotypes. I have a similar cramped, dark and musty space for those that should know better.

Earlier this year, someone obtained a photo of Kate Gosselin pulling back the corner of her eyes in a way that ignorant assholes taunt Asians. Continue reading “Sorry Kate Gosselin, you can’t marry into racial empathy”

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Nina Davuluri is Miss America, but not American according to racist tweets

Nina Davuluri wins Miss America, reactions on Twitter

If I filed blog posts like I filed real files, I’d file this blog post in my tabbed manila folder labeled ‘NS;LX’  which stands for Not Surprised; Low Expectations.’

Even if I didn’t flinch when I heard about all the idiotic tweets about our new Miss America, it’s still worth mentioning how ridiculously low the level of ignorance (like, really ignorant) that was on display when Indian-American Nina Davuluri won the 2014 title. Continue reading “Nina Davuluri is Miss America, but not American according to racist tweets”

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Justin Bieber, One Direction fans attack Lorde, her boyfriend with racist tweets

Lorde and boyfriend James Lowe brush teeth

You know that footage of teenage girls at a boy band concert where they’re visibly shaking, holding up signs made of glitter, wearing homemade shirts, screaming ‘I love you’ at the top of their lungs, all the while on the verge of fainting from all the adrenaline? Continue reading “Justin Bieber, One Direction fans attack Lorde, her boyfriend with racist tweets”

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Joe Wong livens up RATC Dinner, C-Span 2

Comedian Joe Wong at Radio TV Correspondents Dinner with Joe Biden

I’m a couple years behind on this, but I didn’t have a blog in 2010, so cut me some slack. Here’s a video of Joe Wong killing it at the 2010 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner. Wong goes on for about 15 minutes without breaking his deadpan delivery.

Continue reading “Joe Wong livens up RATC Dinner, C-Span 2”

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Vice: M.I.A. pulls South Asia onto her world stage

Love Vice’s Noisey Music article on M.I.A. – the piece argues how M.I.A. takes traditional imagery from South Asia, and other parts of the under-represented world, and forces it onto the world stage — to the confusion of Western journalists and sensibilities. Continue reading “Vice: M.I.A. pulls South Asia onto her world stage”

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The Gay Equivalent of “Hipster Racism” is “Queer Racism”

Gay Community defends Shirley Q Liquor

RE: Sex-Positive Racism: Holding Alt Communities Accountable

Yellow Face? Shirley Q. Liquor?

I’m no longer surprised about how ridiculously lazy the gay community is about race – I’ve adjusted my expectations of those in the mainstream LGBT community.

I’ve since moved on to how embarrassingly un-enlightened the queer/indie/drag community has proven themselves to be over and over. The arrogant excuses in this SF Weekly article are just so pathetic and low-level, it leaves me shaking my head in disbelief that a sub-community that prides itself in being more inclusive, open-minded, and enlightened can be so absolutely clueless.

This whole assumption that just because one is gay and has experienced discrimination, that they understand racism, or don’t see color is such bullshit. Understanding race is an on-going process that takes real effort, it’s not something you just get and move on from. Not that they really give a shit anyways…

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Jeremy Lin Forces National Discussion on Asian Americans

Jeremy Lin NY Daily News Kobe WhoAs Asian Americans who grew up playing basketball, my sister and I have a keen interest in the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. We identify with Lin in many ways, so we’ve found ourselves deeply-invested in his journey — so much so, that we cheer for him as if he were a part of our family.

Recently we went to the local pub to watch the Knicks take on the New Jersey Nets. We sat down next to an Asian family, who was also there to watch Jeremy Lin.

As the game went on, a man at the bar began cheering for the Nets. He exploded with a “YES!” and clapped intensely each time the Nets made a big play or went on a run. He ended up cheering a lot that night — it was clear that the Nets had the momentum and the Knicks couldn’t find a flow.

The Knicks would ultimately fall to the Nets, a disappointing loss after their triumph over the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks – a game that was nationally-televised the previous day.

Right as the game ended, the Nets fan stood up from the bar, faced our tables, and blurted out, “You chinks can’t win two straight!” before turning and walking toward the front door. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin Forces National Discussion on Asian Americans”

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