Gay Community defends Shirley Q Liquor

The Gay Equivalent of “Hipster Racism” is “Queer Racism”

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Gay Community defends Shirley Q Liquor

RE: Sex-Positive Racism: Holding Alt Communities Accountable

Yellow Face? Shirley Q. Liquor?

I’m no longer surprised about how ridiculously lazy the gay community is about race – I’ve adjusted my expectations of those in the mainstream LGBT community.

I’ve since moved on to how embarrassingly un-enlightened the queer/indie/drag community has proven themselves to be over and over. The arrogant excuses in this SF Weekly article are just so pathetic and low-level, it leaves me shaking my head in disbelief that a sub-community that prides itself in being more inclusive, open-minded, and enlightened can be so absolutely clueless.

This whole assumption that just because one is gay and has experienced discrimination, that they understand racism, or don’t see color is such bullshit. Understanding race is an on-going process that takes real effort, it’s not something you just get and move on from. Not that they really give a shit anyways…

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