What are the dates for 2015-16 Zara’s Fall/Winter sale?

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Usually when Christmas has past — the gifts are also behind us.

Corporate-ly (not a word), it’s still the holiday “season” and that means there’s still time to squeeze consumers for the cash they received on Christmas day — and they’ll do their best to entice you to spend whatever-sized bill you got in those holiday cards in their stores.


With Zara (and many other fashion retailers), this coincides with the end of the season, so there’s two great reason for a markdown or two. With Zara, this is their second of two major sales that they have per year, so Zara fans are amped — the only question is when does Zara’s Fall/Winter sale begin?

You should be reading this post and putting on your shopping clothes because the Fall/Winter in-store sale for 2015 started yesterday — December 26, 2015!

Year Promotion Sale Start Sale Ends
2015 Fall/Winter
2014 Fall/Winter (online) Dec 27
2013 Fall/Winter Dec 20


Unlike predictable Zara’s Spring/Summer sale, the Spanish fast fashion giant likes to keep us guessing with their Winter sale. This year it was the day after Christmas while in 2014, the Zara Fall/Winter sale started a couple days after Christmas — December 27th to be exact. Two years before, it actually began before Christmas!

In any case, the learning here is that it’s around Christmas time — sometimes before and sometimes after. Happy shopping.

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