M.I.A. releases “blocked” song, Jaloo remix of ‘Bad Girls’ on YouTube

M.I.A. hates having her creativity controlled by her record company, so she likes to get under their skin by releasing and leaking music on social media. In that vein, she released another song on the Fly Pirates YouTube channel. This time is a a Lucas Sorel remix of a song called “Baby”. With the release two days ago, it came with this comment:

“The song ‘Baby’ by M.I.A. is blocked and they want block the remix too. They try block we try make fly pirates hear all MIA songs. They try block again. We robbing this joint 💋”

Not sure whats’ up with her record label or what to believe. We really don’t care; all we know is that we’re excited to get another song from M.I.A. Watch the “video” and listen at the following:

A few days prior, the channel put out this dope remix of “Bad Girls” from Jaloo.

As we mentioned previously, the YouTube channel has been really prolific as of late putting out more than a dozens songs in just over a month. Just last week, a couple remixes were released: LOAD’EM (IWOSAN remix) and Jump In (MATR1X remix). She’s also teased that she might do another tour now that she obtained a visa to the United States.

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