Source confirms Zara ’17 Spring/Summer sale date is June 16th (Corrected)

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UPDATE 06/16/2017: Our apologies, Zara didn’t start their Spring/Summer sale today in the United States. We should have checked up on our source thoroughly (but in our defense — why would they lie?!) We’ve been duped again! We will update this post and others to reflect any new info. – Ed.

Zara fans come to this site because we’ve thrown out guesses and estimations about Zara’s sales in the past based on Zara sale history. You know what? For the most part, we’ve been accurate, but we’ve never had a insider come to us and confirm a date.

Due to Zara changing and shifting their sale dates around in the past (and messing with our napkin algorithm) we couldn’t confidently go with one date or the other as we had in the past. Specifically for the Spring/Summer 2017 sale, we had predicted it would be sometime within the week of June 15-23, 2017.

Then last night we received an email from a source that confirmed that the Zara ’17 Spring/Summer sale date was going to start on June 16th. This source works for Zara and said that our predictions fo the sale date “were close”, ultimately telling us that the sale begins this Friday, June 16th. We’re assuming that this information is good for online and in-store.

Though the sale did start on the 16th for Zara Canada, we’re thinking the sale didn’t start in the USA due to last minute, full-priced shopping that many customers will do for Father’s Day on Sunday. Our new estimate for the sale start date is June 22nd at midnight. We’re pretty confident that this year’s sale will be this Thursday!

It’s a little late in the game (it’s only a couple days away), but it’s better than guessing, hoping and praying that it would happen this week (or next). Instead, you can be one of the first in line at one of their 2000+ locations or clicking around at midnight. Happy shopping, y’all.

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    Cas vega says:

    I’ve been looking for the sales date since the beginning of this month and had read your posts about it being around the 15-23rd but now I’m so excited if it starts tomorrow the 16th! I am however a bit confused because past years I would always get an email letting me know a day ahead of the sale, but so far nothing today. I reached out to Zara and they only said to subscribe to the newsletter, which like I mentioned, I already had. So, we’re pretty positive that it starts tomorrow?

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