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New ClassPass feature allows more visits to the same studio

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Last month, ClassPass announced that it will finally allow members to book the same studio more than three times. This feature has long been suggested by avid users, and the world’s largest fitness network has done its best to keep them happy.

While it has always been a great thing for people to visit new studios regularly, there is also a benefit to working out in the same studio. For one, it’s common for members to build routines in a distinct studio. Before, ClassPass only allowed three visits to the same studio each month. Now, members now have the option to have unlimited visits for a premium fee.

ClassPass Executive Chairman Payal Kadakia noted that this update is beneficial for both members and the company: “By launching this new feature, we’re now making that possible as well as opening up new ways for our partners to make additional revenue through our platform.”
Unlimited Visits and Premium Rates

Once a member reaches the standard limit, they can choose additional classes after paying a premium. According to the company, each premium will vary in price. Likewise, the prices will not be the same for every studio. Ideally, these premiums will be at an ideal rate for members. Through the utilization of machine learning and algorithms, ClassPass can give the right premium price at any time.

Through this new feature, ClassPass has increased the loyalty of its members not only toward to the company but also toward the studios around the world. The fitness network has already established itself in providing versatility in the field of fitness. With unlimited studio visits, ClassPass creates a balance between flexibility and loyalty. Members can still try different studios every month to find new favorites while increased visits will satisfy people who like developing a routine.

ClassPass Further Innovations
So far, the fitness network has created more than 30 million reservations. This number is a testament to the growing appeal of variety for people eager to get fit in different ways. Through the ClassPass platform, members can view more than one million available classes. Furthermore, each of these classes is thoroughly made by each of the company’s partners.
Even before this feature, ClassPass has already set itself apart from the competition with distinct and modern features. For one, there are 39 cities around the world that work with the network. This means that travelers would not have to worry about finding a place to exercise. Perhaps the most appealing thing about ClassPass are the flexible plans – there are no annual contracts and users have the freedom to change and end memberships at any time.

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