Alan Lin piling up consecutive wins on ‘Jeopardy!’

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Alan Lin is the latest Jeopardy! champion to pile up the wins and money, but where does his numbers stand up against other winners?

As of this post (which we’ll update if and when he continues winning), the former California Institute of Technology grad has 6-day winnings of $123,600 after defeating Matt Cohen and Meghan Treptow.

That’s a lot of dough and a good streak of wins, but youthful Lin’s totals don’t quite put him on any Jeopardy! lists of  whether in  or total winnings. Not yet, at least. If Lin wins eight games, we can start getting a little more excited talking about streaks and history with a little more seriousness. Right now, there are approximately 20 players with more wins to their names than Lin. Peep the list below

Most Jeopardy Wins in a Row
Rank Contestant Win Year of Streak
1 Ken Jennings 74 2004
2 Julia Collins 20 2014
3 Dave Madden 19 2005
4 Matt Jackson 13 2015
5 Seth Wilson 12 2016
6 Arthur Chu 11 2014
7 Jason Keller 9 2011
7 Dan Pawson 9 2007-08
7 Buzzy Cohen 9 2016
10 Ben Ingram 8 2013
10 Tom Nissley 8 2010
10 Tom Kavanaugh 8 2005-06
13 Jason Keller 7 2011
13 Joon Pahk 7 2011
13 Justin Bernbach 7 2009
13 Tom Walsh 7 2004
13 Stephanie Jass 7 2012
13 Keith Whitener 7 2012

What Does Jeopardy! Champ Do With Their Winnings?

Unlike many game shows, the money you get from Jeopardy has the potential to be life-changing.

I wish we knew more about what Jeopardy! champions did with the money they take home. From the several dozen of episodes I’ve seen, it seems like most will pay off their student loans, some go on a little European vacation, or just store it away like a smart nerd is expected to do.

Josh Hager, a former winner, used the “prize money to pay off almost all of his student loans, and he and his wife moved out of their studio apartment into a spacious house. ‘Jeopardy! really did change my life and I can’t be more grateful'” he told Mental Floss.

After his third win, Lin was asked by the Santa Barbara Independent what he was going to do with all his $64,000  in winnings (at that point). He responded responsibly: “I am planning to potentially buy a house. Put a down payment on it. That’s kind of a boring answer, but yeah that’s what I’m planning to do”

Now that it’s May and he’s got more than double his Jeopardy! winnings from when he was asked that question on April 27th, his ability to afford a bigger house.

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