When does Zara’s 2017 summer sale begin?

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Winter has finally left us here in NYC and we’re looking forward to shorts and t-shirt weather, so we’re thinking about updating our wardrobe. That has us wondering when Zara’s Spring/Summer sale will come about.

As you may know, the Spanish retailer holds two End of Season sales every year. The good news is that, for the most part, the two sales arrive around the same time, too.


When is Zara’s Summer Sale for 2017?

You had a taste of discounted Zara clothing during their Mid-Season sale, but if you’re a true sales hound, you know that the true savings and value is yet to come.

During this time of year, it’s Zara’s Spring/Summer Sale. Over the last 5-6 years, Zara’s End of Season sale happened in June.

Getting the exact date used to be easier, but the last year Zara changed things up. We estimated a June 17th start date, but it ended up being a week later on the 23rd. Here’s the last several Zara start dates for this time of the season:

When are Zara's Summer Sales?
Year Sale Start Date
2017 Spring/Summer June 15-23 Jun 16*
2016 Spring/Summer June 23
2015 Spring/Summer June 19
2014 Spring/Summer June 20
2013 Spring/Summer June 21
2012 Spring/Summer

*The 2017 time frame for the Spring/Summer sale we have above is an estimate A Zara insider confirmed that the Spring/Summer sale starts Friday, June 16!  UPDATE 06/16/2017: Our deepest apologies, as some of you know Zara didn’t start their Spring/Summer sale as predicted! We’ll update this post and others to reflect any new info. – Ed.

We can’t be sure this year when the actual sale starts, so we’re covering ourselves by giving you a week to consider and prepare for. The last thing we want to do is tell you the start date and find it we’re 4 days late. We don’t want that wrath!

We do know with 95% confidence (after running it through our imaginary Zara sale algorithm) that it’ll happen in during that stretch of seven days in June sometime. If you’re pushing us to get a little more exact, we’ll say don’t quote us, but since you won’t shut up and leave us alone (we love you)… past sales have started on a Thursday or a Friday, if we get tired of your nagging, you’ll get us to say that the first mark downs are very likely happening on Thursday June 15th or 22nd (we’re now confident in a June 22nd start date for the ’17 Spring/Summer sale) or on Friday June 16th or 23rd.

But we’d also check all the other days of the week, too ;)

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