You can now book your favorite studios as much as you want on ClassPass*

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If you’re a ClassPass member not on their Unlimited Plan, then you know you can only visit a studio a limited amount of times. If you have a 5-pack, then you can only visit a studio up to twice. If you have a 10 class plan, then you can visit a studio no more than three times.


That looks like it’s changing with a recent email from the fitness company that announced: “Visit Your Studios As Much As You Want!”

We’ve been helping you discover new studios now we’re helping you set up a routine. Book as many visits to your favorite studios as you want. After you’ve reached your studio limit, book another class using one of your class credits. Just hit reserve and pay a premium, which varies by studio and when you book, to get moving

From the sounds of it, you can now visit any one studio as many times as you want. Of course, there’s a little asterisk around “participating studios only” to the change in plan. We reached out to Classpass to get more details on how users will know when they can sign-up for a class past the plan limit, here’s we got as a response:

I’d be happy to help clarify this new option. Once you’ve hit your studio limit for a studio, you will see an option to reserve a class using this feature. :)

The smiley was a nice touch. I’m not sure why Classpass sends out these announcements without fully-explaining how that feature works. And with the appearance and disappearance of Gym Times as an add-on, who knows how long this will last?


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