Sweetgreen Culver City: Another sweetgreen location opens in Los Angeles

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After opening their first Los Angeles location in Downtown L.A. in early 2015 and moving their headquarters to the West Coast in 2016, a fourth SoCal outpost will open in Culver City later this year.

Much like their upcoming San Francisco store, there’s not much in regards to online information, official or unofficial. The only indications that there’s a sweetgreen coming are online job listings and if you’re paying attention to updates on their website, which just says:

Culver City – Platform
(coming soon!)
8840 Washington Blvd
Culver City CA 90232

The three other sweetgreens in Los Angeles can be found in Downtown, Santa Monica and Hollywood. With their HQ now located in Los Angeles, look for the Culver City location to be just one of many in the next couple years.

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With approximately $93 million in venture funding, this is just the start for sweetgreen as it plans for complete West Coast domination. As one of the company’s co-founder Nicolas Jammet told the Washington Post: “California is the key to (sweetgreen’s) future growth.”

With Culver City and San Francisco opening up in September or October of 2016, the company will have seven locations in California. That’s approximately one new location every two months == the first CA location opened in May 2015.

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