This sweetgreen promo code will get you $3 off your salad

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A few years ago, sweetgreen put out several promo codes. In 2011 and 2012, they offered promo codes for discounts between 25-50% or $5 off $10 through their online ordering system.

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No longer are those promo codes available and the company hasn’t put out any special promotions for discounted salads made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients since the early 2010s.

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The lack of sweetgreen promo codes coincided with the launch of their sweetgreen app in early 2013 which began their rewards program

Powered by LevelUp, the app was considered an immediate success out of the gate. Ten weeks after the launch, a solid 20% of customers used it to pay for their salads. In large part, it’s faster to pay with and you can earn a free salad after spending $100.

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The highly-rated sweetgreen rewards app was the first branded app from LevelUp. It boasted faster transaction times and 12% of users came via referrals from the app itself. No doubt buoyed by the give $3, get $3 referral credit. By late 2014, a quarter of all sweetgreen transactions were being made through their mobile app.

And that’s before they launched a brand-new, revamped app in early 2016 that allowed customers to easily place orders, customize their salads, pay, and yes, earn credits toward a free salad.

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