Sarah Slocum has a punchable face with or without Google Glass

I know that a good chuck of the 14 of you that read this blog will be shocked and appalled by this post, but I feel strongly about this: Sarah Slocum has a really punchable face. 

The infamous “social media consultant” (with her company website being on blogspot) is best known for being attacked in a San Francisco dive bar for wearing her Google Glass and subsequently leveraging the firestorm to promote herself has a extremely hate-able likeness.

This is all outside of her shamelessness and alien-like behavior, but with context, I don’t necessarily condone what happened to her, but I really understand.

Slocum has crazy written all over her face, and that’s outside of the whole Google Glass story. When you add to the fact the recent revelations that she has had plenty of restraining orders filed against her by neighbors, ex-husband and mom, you may begin to understand where I’m going.

You know what I like to say: For every restraining order, there are probably 10 restraining orders that should have been filed.

I’m wouldn’t publicly justify your choice to watch your back when you see someone that has a Slocum-like face, but I would pull you aside and whisper to you “I get it.”

I give you exhibit A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5.  Sweet dreams.


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