Fans defend racist “Indian” mascot in the face of Native American protest

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If there’s a photo that should change the minds of sports fans that want to keep their precious Indian mascots, this photo of a Native-American coldly staring at a fool supporting the Cleveland Indian’s Chief Wahoo just might be it. 

Native American meets Cleveland Indian Supporter

This photo almost breaks my brain when I try to comprehend what the Wahoo supporter is thinking with his red face, wearing an headdress made of feathers, and a jersey with disrespectful, stereotypical scribblings all over it when he realizes that he see a real, live, actual Native-American.

Apparently, Nothing to See Here

Unfortunately, neither the idiot seen in this photo, nor many of the Cleveland Indian mascot supporters at the game gave any more thought to the subject other than their blind support to their racist mascot and “Cleveland pride.”

For the most part, though, passers-by hurled insults. A handful of boozy risk-takers sporting “Keep the Chief” tees walked directly in front of those holding signs, to taunt. Others distributed individual middle-fingers to each protester while inviting them to fuck themselves. Others launched the familiar hate speech — “Go back to the reservation,” etc.

Here’s actual quotes from the protest and reasons why Native Americans need the most support in their fight.

“It’s not racist!”

“No one thinks it’s racist!”

“Talk to Obama if you think it’s racist.”

“It’s a fucking cartoon. Come on.”

“It’s funny cuz they all look homeless.”

“Find something better to protest.”

“I’m Cherokee! I’m an Indian! I am! My grandfather would laugh at all of you.

“Where’s PETA for the Detroit Tigers? Huh? Where’s PETA?”

“I’m Irish. You don’t see me complaining about Notre Dame.” 

“I guess the Dallas Cowboys should get rid of that team too, because I’m offended!”

“Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.”

“You’re DumbASSes. Hear me? DumbASSes!”

Native Americans are so far behind in respect that it’s mind-boggling it’s happening in 2014. I can’t believe there are still these representations being used by professional sports teams and higher institutions. Unbelievable.

Quotes via Cleveland Scene

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