Humans see infographics

Why SEO for Infographics?

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At Dreamforce 2013, I’ll be speaking on the relationship between infographics and SEO in a session called “Marketing with Infographics for Fun and Profit.”

I’ll be going over alot of information in my 10 minutes on stage, so I thought it would be beneficial to break down the content of my slides into individual blog posts to be referred to later on.

There are three parts to my presentation – why SEOs love infographics, why infographics need SEO, and how to optimize infographics for SEO. In this blog post, I’ll expand on why infographics need search engine optimization.

Humans see infographics

Why SEO for Infographics?
After reading my first post, you now understand why SEO love infographics; they’re more easily-shared on social media/ With more social shares brings more traffic to the site and exposure to your infographic. Ultimately, that exposure will positively impact the SEO of your page by naturally garnering external links to your graphic’s landing page.

The dilemma with infographics is that they’re just really large images – which are inherently inaccessible for SEO. Humans are able to “see” an infographic with our eyes and quickly process and understand the content within seconds. Search engines don’t have eyes in that way. They process content of your page by scanning the HTML code on your page.

And you need just one line of HTML code for an infographic to display it on the webpage correctly, even if that infographic contains 50 pages of data. Again, just one line of code to render your infographic. That’s it.

How search engines see infographics

To hammer the point home – you can spend 3 months researching and creating a great infographic, but if it’s not optimized for SEO, it likely won’t reap the long-term benefit of SEO traffic.

That’s why SEO is important for infographics. You want to speak to the search engines in the language they understand so make sure you optimize your infographics for search engines.

Now that you know how search engines “see” your infographics, let’s ensure all that work you’ve put into the graphic is being indexed by Google. Go to the next blog post to learn how to optimize infographics.

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