Video of Derrick Rose’s fake jump pass to Pau Gasol, instead passes to Joakim Noah (all before he hits the ground)

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(Ooof… now that’s one helluva title. Do you even need to read this post anymore?) 

There are certain innate qualities that make NBA players the athletic freaks that they are. Take Derrick Rose for instance, his blazing speed, balance, and hangtime make the 6-3 guard one of the most dynamic guards in the game. No one puts together those three qualities better than Rose.

(okay, maybe Russell Westbrook)

Check out these qualities in Rose’s spectacular pass against the Detroit Pistons:

In case the three slow motion replays at different angles wasn’t enough for you, let me explain, in words, what happened. Rose attacks the right side against Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond. DRose jumps in the air, cocks the ball behind his head, follows through; ready to release a pass to a cutting Pau Gasol, but instead of passing it, Rose pulls the ball back. At this point, Drummond has completely turned around and confused.

In on motion, Rose takes the ball with his right hand and fires a one-hand pass to Joakim Noah under the basket for the easy basket. Remember, he did all this in the air.

Rose’s athleticism and balance allowed him to do something less-blessed humans can only dream of (or need 2-3 jumps to accomplish).

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