How is this Aaron Brooks windmill, 180 degree layup not being talked about more?

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There are a couple point guards in the league that I scratch my head and wonder why they don’t start with an NBA team, much less be a star for one. One of those players is Aaron Brooks, no matter what team he plays for – he always seems to perform, hit tough shots under duress, and just gets the job done.

I’ve seen my share of tough shots made by Brooks, but this one is tough for any player. On a fast break vs. the Washington Wizards, Brooks attacks the right side at full speed. The 6-0 Brooks comes across the 7-0 Nene, shows the ball with his right hand and goes up and under to the left side and finishes with a reverse with the same hand. My explanation doesn’t do it justice. Just watch:

I know it’s not a dunk or block, but I don’t get in what universe this Aaron Brooks layup is only #10 on the nightly NBA Top Ten? I don’t normally put this much negative energy into highlights but considering the speed, control, reverse spin and just the overall level of difficultly that the circus shot took, number ten is disrespectful.

Talented basketball players would have a hard time recreating this shot at half-speed in an empty gym — that’s how hard this shot is.

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