LeBron James Cramp

Haters: Here’s Why You Should Shut Up About LeBron James Cramp

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As soon as I saw LeBron James come up lame due to severe cramping in one his legs, I knew the internet haters were going to pile on the next day. 

No surprise. I could have written it up (and better): Michael Jordan this. Kobe Bryant that. Should have drank Gatorade. Wimp. Weak. Lacks toughness. Crybaby. Being compared to a woman, little girl. Quitter.

All this grief from Twitter critics that probably aren’t world class athletes. Just a wild generalization.

No matter that LeBron James is considered to be, by most measures, one of the top professional athletes there is. No argument here, the man is world class; a physical anomaly that is equal parts strong, fast, coordinated, and can jump. He’s also 6-foot-9.

And he’s a a pretty good player, too.

LeBron (and Kevin Durant) are considered the best basketball players in the NBA.  End of story. Keep in mind that the NBA is a full of the some of the most talented, athletic, smart and skilled basketball players in the world, of which James is a four time MVP and a two-time NBA Champion.

Never mind that last night’s game was James’ 93rd game of the season. Not just any games, these are full-court games, guys. A season in which every NBA team gets up for and gives the defending champion Miami Heat their best.

Lebron is an amazing athlete so shut up

And with last night being the first game of the NBA Championship, the intensity level is raised to an even higher level. Just getting to the Finals is a road that is not only physically draining, but mentally exhausting.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that the game was played in very unnatural conditions. The AT&T Center’s air conditioning malfunctioned due to electrical issues and the temperature in the arena surpassed a sweltering 90 degrees. The fans were sweating and they were just sitting there eating and drinking cold beer. Again, that’s a full court game in ninety degree weather against the NBA’s best.

Now I am all for poking fun and having a good laugh, but I can’t stand the haters and the armchair athletes that are truly questioning LeBron’s toughness.

For them to say that James had a choice to come back,  suck it up, that he deserted his team when they needed him clearly means that they’ve never experienced a true cramp in their life.

The muscle seizes up to the point you can’t move because there is severe pain. Considering everything that James has been through, I can’t even imagine what an NBA-level cramp feels like.

In fact, I’m actually surprised that I don’t see NBA players cramp up more often. Much less, the best player competing against other top NBA players, in a very intense and important game, in 90+ degree heat.

Give me a break.

Actually, give LeBron a break; he more than deserves it.

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