Steph Curry’s sweet behind the back, no look bounce pass for James Harden dunk (GIF)

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Last night Team USA’s Steph Curry assist to James Harden was one of those rare instinctive basketball plays that makes basketball so exciting.

We see behind the back passes and slam dunks often enough that we’re sometimes desensitized to them, but when they’re put together on one seamless play, where the necessity of throwing a behind-the-back bounce pass is actually the quickest and most effective way of getting the ball to it’s receiver.

When an assist is perfectly timed and it all works out, it’s a thing of beauty. From any angle, the creative play itself is a highlight to behold, but my favorite camera angle starts from about the 13 second mark of the video.

[Update: I created a GIF!]

curry pass to harden usa


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