Gordon Hayward added 7 pounds of muscle this summer, barely looks like teenager anymore

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Over this past summer Gordon Hayward, the 6-8 forward for the Utah Jazz added a noticeable amount of muscle to his frame

If you followed Hayward from his time at Butler to his first few years in the league to now, you can easily tell that his shoulders and arms are visibly larger than before. The first glimpse of this new muscle was during this past summer’s Team USA tryouts and training camp where Hayward was noticeably larger.

Unfortunately, the internet couldn’t provide any shirtless photos before and after the transformation to show you the change in Hayward’s physique, but you can get a sense of the dramatic change from the size of his arms. Your humility makes us want you more, Gordon!

We’ve put together 25+ photos of the newly-muscled, sexier Gordon Hayward that can be appreciated by both basketball players and fangirls alike. Shockingly, the internet doesn’t have shirtless Gordon Hayward photos like it did for a shirtless Chandler Parsons. We find Hayward’s internet humility sexy.

Check out the Gordon Hayward photos below:

So as you can clearly see, Hayward has changed completely – in addition to having grown more facial hair throughout the seasons, he’s turned himself into a full blown manboy. If movies have taught us about anything in life, it’s that it’s the skinny, gangly, freckled-face, awkward nerdy types named GORDON that turn themselves into the sexy muscley stud (with a good job) by the end of the movie. Don’t sleep on those Gordons, ladies!

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    Ryan says:

    Hayward looks exactly like a teenage nerd still. What are you talking about?? That’s why he got wet-willeyed as an adult. No one respects him since he’s such a fruity nerd.

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