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Bob’s Furniture Giftcard / Discount

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> I am selling a $542 gift card to Bob’s. It’s transferable, doesn’t expire, and doesn’t have my name on it. Please don’t make me go to a Bob’s and sell this in person. I have shame, but not enough that I won’t approach strangers and look shady. I’ve done more for less.

bobs furniture gift card
if interested contact stuarteatstuartedutCO

If you’re interested, contact me at stuarteatstuartedutCO.

The story behind this is I purchased furniture from Bob’s and decided it wasn’t exactly what I needed. It was all my fault. I spent over $650 on the furniture, had it delivered, set it up, and then came to the realization that I wanted something different.

That’s what happens when you have to make quick decisions (I just moved to New York). In any case, Bob’s was great to come to my place, pick up the furniture and offer me a credit for my what was my mistake (minus pickup fees and restocking, etc.).

If you’re interested in buying my giftcard, send me an email at stuarte at stuartedutCO and we can chat. I’ll update this post when this is no longer available.

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