Worst driver in history crashes scooter 4 times (CCTV video)

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Every once in a while you come across a video that’s so unbelievable that you have to question the authenticity even though everything about that video feels “real.” Case in point this video of a guy driving his scooter into a roundabout and into everything else that gets in his way.

In the beginning of the video, he bumps his scooter into the white van. The driver of the van gets out and they have a discussion.

He gets up, dusts himself off, disregards his passenger and van driver, then beelines his scooter right into a sedan. It looks like he tries to stop, but can’t.

The driver of the sedan gets out and joins the driver of the van as “crash” peels his scooter off the sedan. Crash wants out. He hits the pedal and almost scoots his scooter into a fellow scooter.

From there, I’m sure he apologizes. I’m sure of it. After his apology, Crash navigates around the other scooter and rumbles right into the grill of an oncoming vehicle Is that an RV? Semi-Truck? Bus? Weird looking Hummer?

Crash immediately jumps off and holds his hand as if it got smashed in the smash.

Crash walk off screen to shake off the pain. He rushes back on screen possessed; he immediately gets back into the saddle, reversing and hitting the gas. And as soon as he’s free again…. he scoots himself and his scooter right into the cement abyss.

I know I’m being hard on myself, but I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming. Looking back, that concrete blackhole wasn’t some “did you catch that?” foreshadowing. It’s a big honking cement sinkhole.

[MORE] It’s easy to think this guy is a reckless driver, and that’s clearly the case, but I have to believe there were other circumstances. Was he in a rush? First time on a scooter? Why did he leave his passenger after the first crash? Were the brakes also shoddy? — not that any of these are justifications for his wild driving, but I’m curious about the backstory.

Whatever, I’m hungry…

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