Arthur Chu will take ‘HATERS’ for 500 and answer it correctly, eat your babies

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When Arthur Chu got the call to be on Jeopardy!, Chu decided to look up “Jeopardy strategies” not only so he could increase his chances of winning and not fall flat on his face on national TV, but so he could pull in max greenbacks.

So, what’s wrong with that?

Well, apparently using strategy in a game in which you’re supposed to follow some unspoken script was raising some Jeopardy! diehards’ blood pressure and causing all the armchair wannabes at home to choke on their meatloaf. I can just hear them now

“WAIT! (spits out meatloaf) you just can’t jump all around the board like that!”

Well, actually you can. Arthur is just doing as much as he can to control the game within the limits of the rules. He explains part of that strategy here:

“If you go from one category to a completely different category it takes a little time for people’s mental gears to catch up.” said Chu. “If you’re the one who knows what’s coming next because you’re picking it and you’re leaving your opponents behind a little bit it gives you that edge.”

It’s not like he’s cheating or even keeping it a secret. Chu is using well-known methods that have been used by well-known Jeopardy champions in the past – none of whom I know the names of.

Arthur Chu and Alex Trebek

But still some people dislike him for his “HIGHLY UNORTHODOX” approach to the game. The way he’s playing the game has frustrated some regular Jeopardy fans to the point that some have tweeted they want to murder Chu (probably kidding), call him a “Jeopardy villian,” (alot) and says that he has no respect for Jeopardy! tradition – whatever that means.

Arthur, as only an “Arthur” could, takes it all in stride:

“I don’t mind being the heel, as they call it… I think some people are actually offended and my response to them would just be ‘It’s a game and we’re playing for real money’.” shrugged Chu, “So, I understand if you find me an unpleasant person, or find me unpleasant to watch, my feelings are a little bit hurt by that, but ultimately, you know it’s $10,000 or more every time you win a game of Jeopardy! My primary concern up there is taking home the money for me and my wife. And eat babies

He may or may not have said the last three words.

Baby-eater or not, Chu is awesome. I’m obsessed with him. Seriously, not only does Chu look like 4 of my cousins, but he sounds like the most down-to-earth, logical guy. He needs to be in my family. No? Ok, I want him to be my superintendent or the guy that owns the convenience store downstairs. I want to see more of you, Arthur Chu. I want to see more of you, Arthur Chu.

I want to see more of you, Arthur Chu.

Chu is currently a four-time Jeopardy! defending champion and he’ll return to the show in three weeks to defend his title and continue shaking up the Jeopardy institution.

If this much crazy is happening over 4 wins, I really hope Chu can keep it up for as long as he can. Can you imagine how nutso it will be if he has 8 wins? 12 wins? 20?

I’ll be there to watch. In case I’m not, I’m setting up my TIVO with one hand and finishing this post with the other. I want to see more of you, Arthur Chu.

[UPDATE] Watch how much you love Arthur in this interview with CNN:

[UPDATE 2] Arthur’s wife is kind of awesome – retweeting all the haters.

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