12 Avengers GIFs for lovers, comic book nerds, fanboys

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hulk roars in avengers assembles movie scene

I was stuck inside the last three days with the flu. Bad news for me, good news for my fellow comic book nerds because I just created all the GIFs you’ll ever want from the Avengers movie.

Seriously, you won’t have to watch the movie ever again. Just geek out on these 12 GIFs with the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Loki, Chitauris and Leviathans doing their THANG.

For those of you saying “dude, the movie is almost two years old” – clearly, this post isn’t for you / you’re not a comic book nerd / Fuck off!  :)

We’ll start off with the “Avengers Assemble” scene that is responsible for thousands of 40-something comic book nerds pretending not to tear up and fake as if they have something in their eyes. Hi mom!

Avengers fight scene assemble

Hulk chases down the Black Widow

Hulk Chases Black Widow

Thor bashes Hulk in face with Mjölnir

Thor bashes Hulk with hammer

Thor brings the thunder and lightning and awesome against some hapless Chitauri

Thor brings the lightning


Iron Man brings the party – Chitauri monster Leviathan to the Avengers

Iron Man bringing the party over to you

Here’s Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk and punching the Leviathan in its monster face

Bruce Banner turns into Hulk in Avengers

Iron Man shoots repulsor rays, battles Chitauri with Captain America

Iron Man and Captain America Fight Scene

Hulk gets a running start through an office building

Hulk gets a running start

Hulk and Thor tearing shit up and takes down a Leviathan

Hulk Thor tear shit apart

Hulk sucker punches Thor, steals another scene

Hulk hits Thor after defeating alien

Captain America and Thor battle Chiaturi soldiers together

Captain America Thor fight together

Hulk smashes Loki

Hulk smashes Loki Avengers

You owe me one.

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