Marvel releases ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer after video is leaked online

For about three seconds, I considered not watching the Avengers 2 trailer that was leaked online earlier today. I don’t know why. After becoming aware of the leaked video, Marvel released the ‘Age of Ultron’ trailer to the tears of comic book fanboys across the globe.

The 2:15 trailer was slated to debut next week during ‘Marvel’s Agents of Shield’. So much for that. The internet don’t care. On Twitter, Marvel knew they were fighting a losing game, so they released the trailer 6 days earlier and blamed Hydra on Twitter.

As some of you fellow geeks know, Hydra is the clandestine organization “dedicated to world domination”, a group we’ve seen in the Captain America movies.

For me, the trailer didn’t do much to get me going or show me anything I hadn’t seen before. It has a lot of Ultron (eh), the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit (kinda cool), and the coolest part was seeing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver doing their thing (sweet).

Despite the underwhelming teaser trailer, Avengers 2 reportedly has the most visual effects in the HISTORY OF FOREVER (actually, the most of any Marvel film) bodes well the action-loving geek that I am.

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