Sweetgreen on RetailMeNot: promo codes, coupons for 2019

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It’s somewhat surprising that RetailMeNot doesn’t yet have a page to represent the many sweetgreen promo codes and discount offers that were available.

That’s especially true because sweetgreen is the up-and-coming fast-casual franchise that everyone is watching. With approximately over 100 locations and looking to grow that number even more, there won’t be a shortage of new users searching to save a couple bucks on their Harvest Bowl.

Without any current promotions on Groupon or Living Social, sweetgreen fans are looking to get some form of discount . And since RetailMeNot hasn’t provided that resource, we thought we’d offer up some promo codes for you to use. Here’s a couple different links that will get you the sweetgreen discount code and referral links you’re looking for:

Sweetgreen Discount Code

You can go to the Sweetgreen Promo Code site to see long list of active and expired sweetgreen codes you can try. A great resource on discounts, as well as calories, salad history, and sweetgreen facts. Wow, you’re a big nerd if you want to know all that.

Sweetgreen’s Referral Link

$3 Off For New Users: For new customers that haven’t downloaded the sweetgreen app, you can click this link to get $3 off your first order.

How to Use Promo Code or Referral Link from Sweetgreen?

How do I use a promo code? If you have a promo codes, please apply the code during checkout with online orders or via the sweetgreen app. A sweetgreen promo codes are only valid for in-store purchases. If you have a referral link, click that link.

Clicking on that link will take you to a special LevelUp.com page where you can enter your email (don’t worry, sweetgreen uses LevelUp for their rewards program). From there, you will download and pay with the sweetgreen app and you’ll get $3 off. Keep in mind that the credit you receive expires and must be used in 30 days.

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