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All the sweetgreen deals and coupons found on Groupon, Living Social or Gilt City

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A post that lists and details out the sweetgreen deals found on the e-coupon and daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social or Gilt City. We’ve found all the deals we could find on these sites and listed them reverse-chronologically (most recent first). We’ll keep updating this list when we find more deals.

Up to 28% off sweetgreen at Gilt City

In October 2016, sweetgreen ran an awesome promotion on Gilt City for those in the Los Angeles area.

The Gilt offering had two deals you could choose from: “Seven Days of sweetgreen” or “30 Days of sweetgreen”. The week deal was good for $105 in sweetgreen credit for just $80 (23% off) or for the month deal, you were able to get a whopping $450 in sweetgreen by paying just $320. The 30 day deal gave more discount at 28% off.

The deal’s titles were a bit misleading, it’s not that you had only “seven” or “thirty” days to consume all that sweetgreen you actually had approximately two months to use your credit. You had until Thursday, December 15, 2016 to redeem as long as you ordered or paid through the sweetgreen app. Despite any confusion that the promo may have caused with the wording, both deals sold out. Clearly, I’m not the only one obsessed with sweetgreen.

The deal was available for new and existing customers, so was open to all. The only real caveat was that the promo was only valid at three Los Angeles locaitons (sorry New York City). Specifically the West 3rd, Santa Monica and Hollywood sweetgreen stores.

Living Social: 50% off sweetgreen

Back in January 2011, sweetgreen had a deal on Living Social. That deal was pretty damn good; if you spent $20 on a gift card you got $40 in sweetgreen — that’s an easy breezy 50%.

We had to go all the way back in archive.org to pull a screenshot. Here’s what the deal had to say:

What if fast food equaled good food? Impossible, you say? We beg to differ: Sweetgreen, created by Georgetown students sick of having unhealthy fast-food choices, is offering $40 worth of their organic, sustainably sourced salads, wraps, and fro-yo for $20. Choose a signature salad with local ingredients like the Santorini (chopped romaine with shrimp, feta, grapes, and chickpeas with cucumber-basil yogurt dressing); the Bondi (avocado, baby arugula, roasted chicken, and wasabi peas); or create your own favorite, or a tasty wrap, from their menu of 60-plus fresh, seasonal ingredients. Then, give your sweet tooth a healthy treat with refreshing yogurt and your choice of toppings like ripe blackberries or fresh mint. It’s a simple equation: This deal plus good food, healthy ingredients, and a low carbon footprint, equals delicious.

When this deal existed in 2011, sweetgreen had only seven locations in Maryland, Virginia and five stores in D.C. They also didn’t have a mobile app, so you got yourself a gift card that was good from whenever you got the deal (starting in January 2011) until the expiration date of 04/18/2011.

Any sweetgreen Groupon hookups?

Unfortunately, the big flash sale site hasn’t had any sweetgreen deals on their site from what we can tell. What we’ve been able to internet (use as verb), the only sweetgreen Groupon connection is that they share an investor. According to Crunchbase, the millionaire Ted Leonis has invested in both companies. It’s probably safe to say that Leonis isn’t looking for discounts or coupons for his lunchtime Guacamole Greens salad. Outside of that, we see a lot of spammy landing pages — which aren’t worth linking to — created for SEO (like this one!)

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Will update for new sweetgreen promos

From our hour-long sleuthing, these were the only sweetgreen deals that we’ve seen on any of the crowdsourced daily deals sites such as BuyWithMe, Yipit Groupon or Living Social. As mentioned, we’ll update this post if/when more deals appear. We have a feeling with sweetgreen expanding that we’ll see more of these one-off deals. Until then, we put ourselves on the waitlist for the next sweetgreen Gilt deal or you can give this site for updated sweetgreen news and deals.

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