When does ZARA’s Fall sale start?

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With summer winding down, the Autumn months are near so that means fall fashions are coming to our favorite stores. The store I visit the most is Zara especially during their sales.

Now that the leaves are turning and summer is behind us, when does the Zara fall sale begin? We already know that Zara’s summer sales start in June, does Zara even have a sale during this time of year?

The short answer is no — Zara doesn’t have a sale in September or October. If you’re waiting for the red stickers to show up on Zara’s tag, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that the next Zara sale doesn’t start for another three months — historically in late-December.

Their bi-annual blowout sales comes twice a year; once is their Spring/Summer sales in late-June and their Fall/Winter sale in the last month of the year.

You can see the start dates for the last several Zara sales below:

Year Promotion Sale Start
2016 Fall/Winter Dec 26 (?)
2015 Fall/Winter Dec 26
2015 Spring/Summer Jun 19
2014 Fall/Winter (online) Dec 27
2014 Spring/Summer Jun 20
2013 Fall/Winter Dec 20
2013 Spring/Summer Jun 21

I know, I’m bummed, too. As I mentioned, I love Zara; not only does the Spanish retail consistently carries clothing styles I enjoy, but their sales are aggresive (see: cheap!). See you in December (and January)!

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