Is Lion Babe’s Lucas Goodman part Asian?

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I got my first listen to Lion Babe during this year’s Afropunk Fest and after seeing a couple photos of the band, I wondered if Lucas Goodman was part Asian?

Unlike Lion Babe’s vocalist Jillian Hervey, Goodman doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry. And Goodman’s Instagram doesn’t really give us a clue.


Goodman’s looks clearly aren’t pure Caucasian, but is he part Asian, Latino or Native-American? His last name doesn’t really give any clues as to his background, so after scouring the internet for answers to his racial background. I came across an artist profile in Interview Magazine where Goodman reveals that he is half-Thai:

My dad growing up, he was a big rock-‘n’-roll kid in high school. He grew up in Jersey City, so he would come here and go to Fillmore East and go to St. Marks in the East Village and he basically never left. My mom came from Thailand, but then came here for the same thing–Western rock-‘n’-roll, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground…

So there you have it, if you were curious as to where male-half of Lion Babe got his dark features, you have your answer.

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