Get an eye exam and eyeglass lenses for $50 at Optical 88 in Chinatown

Just when you’ve resigned yourself to spending a pile of cash on something you expect to spend a pretty penny on, Chinatown comes through for you again.


This time we’re not talking dumplings, rides to the airports, shuttles or tasty hand-pulled noodles, this time it’s for an eye exam and lenses…. for $50 with NO INSURANCE.

Yes, $50 WITH NO INSURANCE. And I was in and out with lenses in less than two hours. Same day without an appointment. Let me introduce to you three words that just might change your life (or at least make your day): Optical 88 Hester.

I know what you’re thinking — how’s the quality and what of the customer service?

Legitimate questions considering they’re your eyeballs and no one wants to lose their sight. Anyways, from my personal experience as a non-expert, I thought the exam felt like every other eye exam I’d ever taken and I don’t notice a difference in quality between the lenses I got from 88 Optical and from a small San Francisco boutique.


In addition, those working there were quite nice and attentive and if you’re looking for basic lenses, you might get them on the same day. Again, fifty bucks for an eye exam and eyeglass lenses. That’s the same price 88 has been charging since at least 2008 when New York Magazine wrote about them as their Bargain of the Week.

Optical 88
116 Mott St
New York, NY 10013
between Hester St. & Canal St.

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