How to stop continuous Google Drive “uploading file” notification on Android phones

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I’ve experienced a weird quirk a couple times when uploading into Google Drive on my Android.

It happen when I am working with a file, document or batch of photos on my phone and want to upload them into Google Drive. No matter how big or small the file is, whatever is being uploaded is caught in some continuous “uploading file” attempt — even when the file has been completely uploaded.

Google Drive notification endless uploading file

(Whether the phone is actually “uploading” anymore is anyone’s guess)

No known combination of swiping, tapping, hard-pressing or restarting the phone gives you an option to remove this constant Google Drive notification. The good news is there are a couple ways to try and stop the Google Drive “uploading file” notification. The bad news is there doesn’t seem to be one way to end the non-stop notification.

All of the potential fixes involve going into your Google Account settings like so:

1. Settings
2. Accounts
3. Google
4. Choose your Google account
5a. Tap the sync button on Google Drive to re-sync
5b. Uncheck Google Drive
6. Restart phone

Google Drive won't stop uploading fixes

Unnchecking “Google+ Uploads” is another option (though that didn’t quite work for me).

In my experience, the issue is triggered when the “Tranfer files only over Wi-Fi” is selected and you try to upload a document on mobile data. What seems to happen is the file sits in limbo until Android recognizes a wireless connection. When successfully connected to a wireless connection, the file begins (and finishes) uploading, but the notification never goes away.


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