How to disable ‘VerifiedBySecuredLtd’ spam notifications in Android

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Have you noticed a new notification from ‘Verifiedbysecuredltd’? The icon that appears with these ‘Verifiedbysecuredltd’ popups is the Chrome icon, so what gives? Is Chrome actually safe?

The short answer is yes, Chrome is safe! So don’t panic. Yes this notification is attached to Chrome, but it doesn’t mean that the mobile browser is unsafe. Unfortunately, swiping this away won’t do. Here’s a step by step guide to getting rid of/disabling this annoying notification and why you shouldn’t be concerned:

When the ‘verifiedbysecuredltd’ notification appears, don’t swipe it away just yet! it’s easier to turn it off if the pop up is still visible.


When you see the notification pop up, long press the notification (hold your finder on the notification).

This will take you into the settings of that app. In this case, it’s Chrome:


Click on “More Settings” at the bottom. Which will take you to this page that lists the notifications that are “allowed”.


Press ‘verifiedbysecuredltd’ to edit these notifications:


Now you’re where you need to be at. Press on “CLEAR & RESET” this will block future notifications from You can double check by opening Chrome > Settings > Site Settings > Notifications.

The Causes of Verifiedbysecuredltd

Looking at some of the issues from online, Verifiedbysecuredltd started appearing around June 2016. It seems this particular notification is being planted by Bit Torrent sites and downloading media from torrent aggregation websites. If you’ve used one of these sites in the recent past, right before these Verifiedbysecuredltd notifications started popping up, that’s very likely the reason. The good news it’s quite easy to resolve.

* I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 if that matters. Though the above should work for most Android phones

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