How to disable “WhatsApp Web is Currently Active” notification on Android

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With the most recent update to WhatsApp, a new annoying notification is being displayed if you’re using their WhatsApp Web feature.

The WhatsApp Web feature allows you to mirror the WhatsApp application on your phone to your browser. It’s a great benefit for those that use WhatsApp often to communicate; it allows you to read and respond to messages via web browser.

However, an update to the Android app (not sure if this is happening on iOS) has an irritating new notification that shows up in the running apps in the pulldown menu. A constant “WhatsApp Web is Currently Active” when you’re using the feature.

And you can’t easily swipe it away. Long pressing on a notification usually would give you a sense or direction of how to adjust the settings, but that’s not the case here.

For example, when you sign up with Virgin games promo code or download a new app for your mobile phone, notifications are normally turned on. So when the first push notification appears on your home screen, you can hold down that notification to open up a menu with notification settings to disable them, choose what type of notification you want to see, or simply remove that notification.

Unfortunately doing that for this doesn’t give one any idea of how to disable the notifications from WhatsApp. That’s not surprising for smaller intrusive apps, but this is odd considering it’s a well-known app that’s owned by a company really struggling with privacy concerns.

How to disable “WhatsApp Web is Currently Active” notification

In order to get rid of this notification, first I went into my WhatsApp settings — you can get there through the app menu or by long pressing the actual notification. From there, you can’t easily tell which option allows you to disable it. At first I thought it was the “Set as Priority” option — but that is already disabled for me. The only two notifications that I have enabled were: “Allow notifications” and “Preview in pop-ups”

I turned off “Preview in pop-ups” and that seemed to do the trick; switching this off disabled the “WhatsApp Web” notification on my Android phone. What sucks about this is that it also turns off the preview of individual messages when I go to view them in the pulldown menu.

UPDATE: So I lied, this method didn’t work entirely. The next day, the notification showed up again. Even though it still shows up on my notification menu, it’s not always present (even when WhatsApp Web is active).

We hope that WhatsApp’s next Android update will allow to pick and choose which pulldown mennu notifications we can enable and disable.

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    Mritunjay says:

    Bro there is a way to remove that notification. I tried doing something to remove that notification nd boom, it worked. First thing backup your WhatsApp from within the app. Backing up locally will also work, you need to backup so that you don’t loose your previous messages. Logout your WhatsApp web account from app. After that uninstall your WhatsApp nd login it from another smartphone nd cross-check weather WhatsApp web is active or not on new device. Now all you need to do is again install WhatsApp on your previous phone nd login there. WhatsApp web notification get removed. This thing worked for me. I can’t assure you that it will work or not. But you can try nd what’s harm in trying.

    1. avatar
      stuart says:

      Thanks Mritunjay. Always good to have another option to disable. For those that don’t want to go those lengths, hopefully Whatsapp updates the app to remove this annoying feature.

  2. avatar
    DHB says:

    Log in from another smartphone? sure – If I had another smartphone. I’m not going to log into my account from another *person’s* smartphone. Nice workaround, but not something we should have to do. Disappointing update.

  3. avatar
    Kalle says:

    Probably the worst thing ever. People use whatsapp web when they have their phone next to them and when tehy work and see whatsapp with their computer the phone just keeps notifying that you use whatsapp with computer. What on earth were they thinking? What’s the purpose of this

  4. avatar
    jordan says:

    Aside its automaticly breaking connection to whatsapp web, when your phone is “inactive”. which happens too often. I prefer to work everything on one device instead of keep switching to mobile every 5 minutes to keep the connection alive. It should be optionable… fuck this new update.

    1. avatar
      Tauqeer says:

      I connected a whatsapp with my andriod in whatsapp web. After one day i close my internet for 1 hour.
      After that i seen that the connection is collapse. Want to re scan the qrcode.
      Is it possible of automatically log out on whatsapp qeb

  5. avatar
    Anonymous says:

    Guys! The thing that worked for me is simply disabling the “other notifications” tab in the notifications section in whatsapp. I have the latest android and whatsapp version (2018) and after logging in and out of my whatsapp on my computer, I haven’t seen the notification again!!!

  6. avatar
    Brad Bryant says:

    Yes — this!!

    “…disabling the “other notifications” tab in the notifications section in whatsapp”

    Do this by pulling down your notifications tray, long-pressing on the “WhatsApp Web is Currently Active” notification, and it will bring you to the system controls for notifications from WhatsApp (different than WhatsApp’s built-in settings for notifications).

    Et voila! Thanks, Anonymous guy!!

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