Zara we have a problem: Is Zara’s clothing quality suffering?

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With Zara’s huge semi-annual sale about to commence, this is as good a time as any to address what I believe to be the diminishing quality of Zara’s clothing.

Zara’s prices and style are big draws for the Spanish-based company, but the quality was what initially impressed me the most and made me loyal to the brand.

I usually freshen my wardrobe during Zara’s big sale; purchasing multiple pieces during those 5-6 weeks of discounts. However, many of the pieces I’ve purchased from Zara over the last couple seasons have had quality issues; shirts have come apart, stitching unravels, buttons fall off, seams rip, and holes develop after washes. It hasn’t happened a couple times, but there’s been a good 5-6 pieces per season; consistent enough to qualify as a pattern.

In one case, I didn’t realize that the seams at my jacket’s armpits both ripped open. I don’t know how many times I was on the bus and exposed those armpit rips to unsuspecting passengers/straphangers.

I still love shopping at Zara, but their garments no longer hold the same value they once did because quality has suffered. The fashion and price points are still there, but I’ve had too many problems with their clothing that I can no longer vouch for the quality as I once did.

Have you also had problems with Zara’s clothing recently?

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