The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong

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What started as a large demonstration to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy in the 2017 election for “Chief Executive” of the city, their numbers have multiplied since the Hong Kong government decided to use force against that initial protesters. Armed with tear gas, the riot police tried dispersing the crowds to no avail. The protesters, mostly students and of the younger generation, were emboldened by the the actions of their authorities. Though donning goggles and plastic wrap are just as likely protection against the tear gas, the protest’s defiance has been symbolized by the thousands of colorful umbrellas they’ve used as shields.

I love that such an regular item, one that is used by the rich and poor alike, is used to represent the powerful struggle as well as the weak defense (relative to the guns, tanks of the powers that be) of the people. Here are some very emotionally powerful (and colorful) photos from the Hong Kong protests:

Umbrella Revolution: Umbrellas are everywhere in Hong Kong protests
Umbrellas are becoming symbol of Hong Kong protests (Source: AP)
Umbrella Revolution: Sea of Umbrellas in Hong Kong
Protesters march in sea of umbrellas in Hong Kong democracy demonstration (Source: AFP)
Umbrella Revolution: View from above of Hong Kong Protests
Protesters shield themselves from Hong Kong police (Source:
Umbrella Revolution: Protesters turn their umbrellas against HK police
Some protesters turn away as other protesters protect them with their umbrellas (Source: India Today)
Umbrella Revolution: Hong Kong Police spray protesters with tear gas
Hong Kong riot police try to disperse the Umbrella Revolution (Source: Reuters)
Demonstraters Stand Against Hong Kong Riot Police Onslaught
Hong Kong riot police sprays down the protesters, umbrellas
Police vs. Umbrellas in Hong Kong Protest
One side all police, another side is all protesters behind umbrellas (Source: Getty)
Standoff between Hong Kong police and protesters with their shields
Tense scene as protesters stand off against Hong Kong police (Source: AP)

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