I’m finally getting used to the idea of Jeremy Lin wearing a Laker’s jersey

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A few months ago when I learned that Jeremy Lin would be joining the Los Angeles Lakers, I wasn’t sure if I could stomach watching Lin play on a team that I dislike, alongside the NBA player I disliked the most in NBA history (Kobe Bryant).

Now that I’ve had some time I’m settling into the idea and getting excited about watching Lin have a lot more freedom than he ever did with the Houston Rockets. Lin has played well in the few preseason games he’s played.

In the last three preseason matches, he had 15 points and 5 assists vs. the Phoenix Suns, 13 points and 5 assists in a win over the Blazers, 18 points and 7 assist in a loss against the Kings.

He’s looked sharp and focused, attacking the basket, and building a great rhythm with Ed Davis on pick and rolls.

By many accounts, the Lakers are supposed to be at the bottom of their division this year, but I am much more optimistic that the Lakers can surprise.  Will they make the playoffs? Probably not, but they’re going to be respectable considering the expectations. Either way, I’m happy that I am excited about Jeremy Lin again.

Lin Highlights: Lakers vs. Suns Preseason

Lin Highlights: Lakers vs. Blazers Preseason

Lin Highlights: Lakers vs. Kings Preseason

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