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How to turn YouTube videos into GIF files

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> I’m ashamed that with all the time I’ve spent laughing at, and enjoying the internet, that I have yet to pay my respect to the internet with a proper GIF. Reason being is the GIF-making process just seemed like it was way too involved. That, and I haven’t found anything to ignite my passion.

youtube to gif maker

Then Jeremy Lin went and did something awesome (TWICE) and I wanted an easy way to turn a short clip of a YouTube video into a GIF, so I could spread the Jeremy Lin gospel virally.

First, I tried a bunch of online GIF makers and ran head on into size limitations, websites that timed out, quality issues, and GIFs that were branded with the website name (annoying but I get it). Enter: Instagiffer

I downloaded and installed Instagiffer, which is free software (is there any other kind?) that allows you to create GIFs from a YouTube video with no technical knowledge needed.

The interface isn’t going to win any design awards (maybe it’s a retro Windows 95 Instagram filter?), but the program is intuitive and gets the job done.

convert youtube video to GIF file

Just add your video (you can upload or paste the YouTube URL). Choose where you want the GIF to start, how long the GIF will be (duration), the size, quality, smoothness, brightness, and playback rate of the GIF (the higher the bigger the file size), press “CREATE GIF!” then wait*.

It’ll take a few minutes to create your GIF, depending on the size, duration, and quality of your file,  and once finished, it will spit out the GIF file onto your desktop (insta.gif).

Download Instagiffer

* As you choose the attributes and duration of your GIF, as well as when you hit “CREATE GIF!” the software buttons will be grayed out and the program will behave as if it froze – it hasn’t. That’s just instagiffer working in the background, so be patient.

Instagiffer also sends you a little reminder about file limits on Tumblr and Imgur – Instagiffer is the sweetest, most thoughtful little Youtube-to-GIF program! I love you, kiddo!

YouTube GIF won't display properly on Tumblr Igur

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