Verizon: How to stop “data network connections are not available” notifications

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[UPDATE: It’s been five days and the notification no longer shows up after removing Visual Voicemail] 

If you’re on the Verizon network, you might have you received the following in your notification tray:

“Data service N/A: Data network connections are not available. Once your network connection is restored, visual voicemail will synchronize your voice mails”

I started getting this message when I got my new LG G3 a few weeks ago. It seemed every time I turned off my mobile data (at home and in cafes), the message would show up periodically. I would swipe them off the screen only for them to show up again later.

And these notifications were doubly annoying because they not only display the voice mail icon in your notification tray so that it looks like you have a voice mail, but it’s also one of those notifications that won’t go away no matter how many times you close it.

Add to that it doesn’t really tell you how to stop them from reappearing.

After a couple weeks of dealing with this informational message popping up 2-3 times a day, I decided to search for a way to stop this message from showing up permanently.

How to Stop “Data network connections are not available” Notification

The problem for me was that Visual Voicemail was active. When I brought home my G3, I started a 30-free trial so I could save my old voicemails.

From there, the “data network connections” notices started popping up. I casually looked for Data Network Connection settings, but couldn’t find anything.

I knew it was voice mail related, so I did some searching. I came across a solution that seems like it’s working. In order to stop receiving these annoying messages, you have to turn off Visual Voicemail in your Verizon Wiresless account.

My Verizon My Device Change features

  1. Log into into your Verizon Wireless account online
  2. Choose My Verizon
  3. Go to My Account
  4. Choose Change Features
  5. Select Phone (if you have multiple phones on the account)
  6. Scroll down to Voice Mail
  7. Add Basic Voice Mail
  8. Save

Since adding Basic Voice Mail (which removes  Visual Voice Mail), I haven’t received the notification.

Removed Premium Visual Voicemail

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  1. avatar
    Scott says:

    So the only solution you could find to this was to disable visual voicemail? That’s like downgrading from HD to SD tv because the picture is fuzzy.

    Does anyone have a solution to this that let’s you keep visual voicemail?

      1. avatar
        stuarte says:

        There’s alternative ways to retrieve voicemail (visually, or not), it’s not like I stopped getting voicemails or was using visual voicemails, so not quite comparing apples to apples.

        1. avatar
          JLiRD808 says:

          Visual VM is pretty handy…I would never go back to sitting on the phone listening through all of my messages and being prompted to press “3 for delete”, “4 for save” etc.

          Are there other visually oriented voicemail organizing/playing apps?


          1. avatar
            JLiRD808 says:

            Google Voice is now defunct and integrated into “Google Hangouts Dialer”…or something like that. It doesn’t handle voicemails from calls made to my cell # anyways though, unless I’m missing something.

            Need a better app to manage voice messages on the cell network (not digital/online). VVM is FINE except for that irritating ass WIFI/data notification!!

        2. avatar
          JLiRD808 says:

          Maybe I spoke too early….Google Voice does have a visual voicemail interface.

          HOWEVER, Verizon seems to be preventing me from switching over. Went thru the setup, but eventually got a message reading: “Unfortunately your network carrier is currently not supported for automatic voicemail configuration. To use Google Voice as your voicemail provider, please visit the HELP CENTER for more info”

          Help Center doesnt seem to provide a way to circumvent this.

  2. avatar
    Jeff says:

    This doesn’t work. At least, not for me: the “CHANGE FEATURES” option is now called “MANAGE MY PRODUCTS AND APPS” (but has the same icon as in your screenshot). When I select this, I can toggle between “Premium Products” and “Free Products”. I do indeed see “Visual Voicemail” and “Premium Visual Voicemail” in the list of premium products, but there is no entry for Basic Voicemail.

    Thanks for your help, though. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to disable this – I suspect that it’s done from the device, since that’s how I (stupidly) activated my 30-day free trial of visual voice mail.

  3. avatar
    Vineeta says:

    Frequent signal problem in lg g3 D850 internet available only in wi do service provider is Airtel India I am fadup to call lg and Airtel custmer care service my phone is showing data network blocked.ok. help

  4. avatar
    Mary says:

    I normally keep my data off. When I get a voice mail I get the same message. When I turn data on, it will not clear and the message does not appear on my Visual VM. I just restarted the phone and “poof” the can’t connect message is gone and my Visual VM appears.

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