Fake Facebook Video: The bank robbery in Detroit that never happened

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Another day. Another fake Facebook post making its rounds. In the last year, you might have come across a Facebook post that says something like “Bank robbery in Detroit”  or “This bank robbery actually happened in Detroit” but this crime actually never did.

The video purportedly shows a pack of bank robbers in Detroit running into their getaway car with their booty. As they all jump into their busted ride, two police cars roar right in, so the robbers freeze. You watch as cops get out of from police cars, run into the bank, all passing by the carload of thieves. Once the coast looks clear, the robbers slowly maneuver around the parked cop cars and get away as onlookers process what just happened.

If the video is to believed, whoever was snapping it was certainly in the right place at the right time, or were they? Check out the original video posted to YouTube back in 2007 titled “Bank Robbery in Downtown Los Angeles!”

According to Snopes.com, the video first surfaced in 2009 via email and has recently been revived on Facebook under the titles “Detroit’s dumbest cops” or “World’s Dumbest Cops”. What seems like a crazy sequence of events is actually a Chevy Malibu commercial from that time. Watch the full commercial below (from the intended angle):

Aside: I might be defensive because I am from Michigan, but whoever restarted this decided to change it from Los Angeles to Detroit. I’ll never know why they decided to go with the scene change, but as you can tell from the featured image, I have my thoughts on the matter.

Hoax Detroit Robbery Video on Facebook

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