Finally, the Vision

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At San Diego Comic Con, the Comic Con of all Comic Cons, Marvel released special edition posters teasing the new Avengers film coming out in 2015. Each poster featured one Avenger and each was a 1/8 section to a larger fight scene. 

Not that anyone needs anymore reason to be geeked to see The Age of Ultron. Outside of it being a cool piece of artwork, the poster did reveal a new character that has yet to be seen. You only see a silhouette of the character floating in the background at the top left of the psoter, so you can’t see his face, but the distinct yellow cape and pose can only mean that it’s Vision which I describe as  a gentle, sensitive Ultron (or Marvel’s answer to Martian Manhunter).

Avengers Poster from San Diego Comic Con

If you’ve been following the bits and pieces of news that’s been coming out, you’re probably not surprised, but nevertheless, it’s exciting to see the Marvel universe continue to fill out. Vision is one of a few core Marvel characters that hasn’t been movie-fied.

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